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some of my themes are so unrefined…

I need to update some of them…

… but school is being a pain in the butt. I have some ideas for new themes too and I still have to contact the winners of the survey, all of which I’ll probably do when my midterms are over.

Inactivity irks me. 

New Blog Theme

It’s really simple. I didn’t want a complicated design because it’s just… too much hassle lol. Hope you guys like it!

Notification from Dropbox

Hi Ans,

This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended for generating excessive traffic. Your Dropbox will continue to function normally with the exception of Public links.

This suspension is temporary (3 days for the first time).

Please visit Dropbox support if you have any questions.

- The Dropbox Team


lol, guys, you killed my dropbox, first time ever, wow I was pretty surprised. So now, not only are music in the previews down, some of the audio on my music blogs are down ;A; seems like I need to find an alternative upload method for my music.

How To Make Tumblr Themes Tutorial Series Syllabus

Part I

  • HTML review (bare minimum you need to make a basic theme)
  • CSS review (bare minimum you need to make a basic theme)
  • Meta Tags
  • Other <Head> codes 

Part II

  • The body
  • The sidebar: title, description, links, images and profile icon

Part III

  • The main column (1/2): the posts types: photos, photosets, links, chats, text, quotes, answers, audio, videos

Part IV

  • The main column (2/2): the post information: captions, source, dates, tags and notes

Part V

  • Pagination/Navigation
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Hover-over permalinks

Part VI

  • Multi-columns
  • Design elements: meta tag colours, practicality
  • Tips for theme blogs: setting up previews, terms of use


omfg, THIS SHALL NOT PASS made me crack up.

hahaha, I should have inserted an arrow in the knee somewhere haha. But reading your tags for the post you made -and posted like 5 seconds before mine lol- i was all “oh boy, that’s so me right now” lol

And I just got to this dashboard but i see that they are starting it again with Manda too…is it it like a hating period for theme makers…

Hating period for theme-makers? Oh it would certainly seem so. Sakurane and Zuvia seemed to have run into theft problems in the last couple of days as well. *sigh* This never seems to end! 

I learned how to make dotted and dashed lines in Photoshop today, lol. I really don’t use it to its full extent.

Okay, so I have two suggestions… vote on it!

Do you guys want me to code a base theme which will be more extensive than the one I provided last time (I will also include a small introduction/visual as a guide)

… or…

Do you guys want me to make a “how to make a theme” tutorial series?

lol, so I did what Manda did

And searched up Ettudis on pastebin and wow, laughing to myself right now. I’m pretty sure this one person took my codes as a base code and she did manage to change it so it would be fairly unrecognizable.

But she did use many of the same div layers such as #nav, #sidebar, #quote, #source, .date, .info and #container which makes me think… uh, it’s very obvious this isn’t a coincidence because OF ALL THE WORDS YOU COULD PICK you chose ones that I use. 

That’s not even the funniest part! She used the infinite scrolling script that uploaded on MY WEBSITE (which actually ticks me off the most) which just shows that she used my base code. Because if she had actually learned about theme-making herself and stalked theme-makers (particularly me because I share all my theme problems publicly), she would know that the codes are the exact same one as codysherman, I just uploaded it on my server in case his goes down again (like it did last year and then everybody just bombarded me with questions).

I’m not too mad. I’m sort-of used to this. No matter how much I emphasize that taking other themes as base codes is a big no-no, people still do it. They just can’t resist the temptation. EVERYBODY WANTS AN EASY WAY OUT. 

I feel like confronting her won’t even solve anything because she could be gracious and admit that she used my themes as a base code but most likely, she will just deny it. As well, what’s done is done. She’s already made themes out of my themes. She’s going to follow what she’s learned through the process of doing that with her new themes anyway.

What I’m ticked off about is the fact that she used my themes as base codes and learned off of that. It’s a process that I can’t undo. Sort-of like you can’t erase an idea once it’s already planted in someone’s mind. 

Anyways, who thinks I should ask for her to remove her themes (or if you have any suggestions)?

Je peux comprendre français (un peu).

Alors, si vous avez les questions et ton anglais n’est pas bien, je peux essayer de comprendre votre problème en français. J’habite à Montréal et je dois améliorer mon français, mais, ma 

It’s scary how insignificant my existence is on the internet. I could have thousands of followers and thousands of hits each day and thousands of people who use my themes and visit my blog… but if, one day, I decide to leave and never come back, everybody would just move on within a day or so and somebody else will take over my place. 

critique/review my theme(s)?

Help me improve by critiquing my themes. You can critique just one theme or more. You can also critique my blog (what you don’t like, what you like, what you want to see etc). You can even critique the way I respond to questions (and my text posts).

I don’t care if you have no clue about coding, at least you can help me figure out what people like and different styles I could try. However, please note that I would like constructive criticism. Give me reasons, ways to improve, along with the critiques. I will publish publicly unless you tell me otherwise.