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on your newest theme, #26 (which is lovely btw) some of my gifs don't play. they worked perfectly on my previous theme but some don't play when I'm using #26. My gifs are all under 500 and 500px in width. do you think it's tumblr or something with the theme itself? Thank you ;] — Anonymous

Thank you :D And erm, it depends on how many columns you’ve selected for that theme. If you selected for one column, all the gifs you post should play. If you selected two, three or four columns, some of the gifs might not play. The reasons are explained here. It’s more of a tumblr thing than a theme thing. Tumblr just makes it really really hard to work with both compactness and functionality of gifs. 

pixel emoticons


i dont know why but when i reblog of post a gif, it doesnt move on my blog :/ any help? — melissaa-w-deactivated20120318

Go to the customize/use custom html area. Use the find tool and search “{Photoset-”  and “{PhotoURL-” there should be a number after the dash, so for example, it might look like {Photoset-500} and {PhotoURL-500}. make sure the number is 500. If not, change it to 500 and the gif should move now.