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Heey:) I'm currently using Theme 34. Kings & Queens and I've been trying to enable endless scrolling... it's not working.. can you help? Thanks in advance ;d P.S. I love your work! — uchiharulove13-deactivated20140

All the information you actually need is on the codysherman site. But I’ll quickly rephrase it for you…

1. Copy and paste the following right before </head>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://codysherman.com/tools/infinite-scrolling/code"></script>

2. Copy and paste the following right before {Block:Posts}

<div class = "autopagerize_page_element" >

3. Copy and paste the following right AFTER {/block:Posts}


Helllo! I hope this is not bothersome and if it is feel free to ignore it. I read your tutorials about theme designing and were really helpful! So i made a theme of my own. Im facing though this issue with making the theme viewable in most screens. I googled it, but i didn't find the margin: 0 auto; answer enough sattiffying especially since i want to "center" the posts. I just wonder how do you deal with it? I thought is better to ask maybe i'll understad more than drool over your codes....xD.. — aelyon

Um, well, I have a 1366x768 resolution which I think is a fairly medium-sized screen. For centering the posts, yes, I usually use margin:0 auto; since it’s easier than dealing with tables. However, it can be a problem if you’re planning to also have a sidebar (like you said, varying screen resolutions can be a problem). In that case, I usually just don’t center the posts. 

But you CAN achieve the look with just CSS and div layers. You need to make a div layer (that’s wide, if not wider, as both the width of your sidebar and post layer) that’s centered that contains your other two div layers (for sidebar and posts). You make one div layer float to the left, and the other, float to the right. And that should work. If you still don’t understand, I can make a tutorial.

I'm sorry in advanced if it's somewhere in the tutorials tag and im too blind to have found it, but I searched. I think I remember seeing a tutorial from you about how to to put a picture on the themes background. How exactly would you do it? >,< — Anonymous

I honestly don’t remember whether I posted one or not. I don’t think I did… but if you wanted one, you need to put your image url inside a div layer (which you insert before </body>)…

<div id = "image"><img src="URLHERE"></div>

And then in the CSS, specify the width, height and position of your div layer. Insert following before </style>…

#image {

The above CSS stylizes for the div layer to be fix positioned (when you scroll, the image stays in position), but you can also absolute position it (when you scroll, the image scrolls with the page).

Change the width and height to the same dimensions as your image. And you can specify the distance between the left, right, top, bottom edge of the page where the div layer will be placed. So in this case, my div layer will be positioned 0 spaces between the left and bottom.

Hello! I'm currently using the about page, and i don't know why the text become so tiny, do you know how to fix that! Awesome themes btw, and keep up with the good work! :) — Anonymous

ummm, I don’t know why the text becomes so tiny. The text is supposed to be pretty small and if it’s even smaller, maybe you pressed the zoom-out buttons by accident? Honestly, I can’t help you fix it unless you come off anon so I can live preview it (no screenshots because that doesn’t really help me figure out the problem).

Hi! I really loved the bottom quote of Ensueño, I was wondering if it worked for all themes? I tried following the code but it just wouldn't work. Is this just the theme or am I missing something? — Anonymous

Did you copy the CSS as well? You need to. You need both the HTML and CSS. And yes, the codes work for all my themes (or any themes actually, though credits would be required since I stylized it and all). So you need to copy (you must take out the asterisks *)

<div id=*"quote">
<!-- START QUOTE -->
<h3>and what the</h3>
<a href="/">hell have I done?</a>
<!-- END QUOTE -->


/*** QUOTE ***/
#quote {
    font:italic 50px/20px georgia, times new roman, serif;
h3 {
    font:40px/20px coustard, rockwell, georgia, times new roman, serif;
#quote a{
#quote a:hover {

moving around things in a theme is allowed, yes/no? as in like adding things to the sidebar and moving it to the other side of the posts. //not saying i have done that now but when i change my theme in the future (planning on using one of yours because i love them) i usually play around with coding a bit because i love doing it — Anonymous

moving the sidebar is ok. Though adding things… well, it depends on what you add. I’m fine with extra images, links and media. Ultimately, I would prefer that if you ever do change the look of the design (2~3 things), that you message me about it, just to give me a heads-up. So if I do have a problem with it, we can discuss and go about the resolution with good sentiments. 

The problem with me discovering it by myself is that sometimes, I’m caught by surprise and because I think it’s disrespectful, in some ways, of the original design, it gives me a bad feeling since I wasn’t notified first so then I can be a bit… snappy and things just don’t turn out well.

So if you notify me first, I’ll be all like, “man, this person respects me and knows that my themes are mine and want my decision and acknowledgement. Cool! He/she’s appreciative and awesome” and I’ll be ok about it and if you do a good job, I may even promo or redesign and credit you or something like that, idek. But yeah, it’s cool if people tell me that they’re doing some minor-ish reconstruction of my themes.

is it okay to take a part of one of your themes for example a sidebar and put it into another theme? — Anonymous

absolutely not! That’s more than partial altering which is not allowed as stated in my terms of use. Let me define what I mean by partial altering…

  • font size changes
  • font changes
  • adding cursors
  • colour and background changes
  • changing sizes of posts and columns
  • adding extra personal features (such as music players, custom scrollbars, extra images, extra menu links, disqus etc)

If ANYONE decides to alter the theme and is unsure of whether or not it agrees to the terms of use, just message me and we can discuss it. I will more likely give you an “ok” if you message me first than if I come across it by myself.

I also do not approve of any redistribution of my themes that have been re-edited.

I hope I said that clear enough! This is a very serious matter for me.

How do I put a picture on the background of the already existing themes background? >o< — Anonymous

You need to wrap the image in a div layer (so it will be on top of the background) and then position the div layer.

Hello again. I was asking about the static uploader and whatnot the other day. I have since started over and read through your tutorial before starting it. You may be in school or something, so I understand if you cannot attend this question. I seem to have a weird thing going on with my theme. I am on the second part, trying to add in the description, but it doesn't show. I added it as an ID layer like in the tutorial. Should I add it in as a class instead? -K — centumplagaxxv

I assume you’re using a test blog, make sure you actually type something into your description box (I’ve made this mistake many times) and just make sure you have all your div layers wrapped, tumblr variables spelt right and everything. You can use class, but they basically function the same. If you’re still having problems, let me know.

I was talking about the size and width for the sidebar. I want to resize my picture to the correct size so it can fit to the sidebar. :) (#34) — Anonymous

oh ok, lol, the sidebar is 200px in width. As for the height, it’s 100% of the height of the window so it can range from 600px ~ 1080px depending on your visitor’s screen resolution.

i know making themes isn't easy but this is just a suggestion, you should make fandom-related themes like game of thrones and stuff like that — Anonymous

Way to appeal to my soft spot right now ;) a mention of GOT and I’m all in. Nevertheless, I’m not very good with fandom-related themes, I tried making one (kings & queens) but even that one isn’t that suitable for fandom blogs. I guess it’s not my style but I’ll consider it :) Thanks.

Hi! :D I am in LOVE with your themes! When ever I paste it in my Html the "ask" Thing won't work Dx — Anonymous

uh, did you “enable ask” in your blog settings?

How long does it take for you to make tumblr themes you post on here? — Anonymous

Usually about 3~5 hours. Split into 1~2 hours of just experimenting with different looks and 2~3 hours of actual coding.

I start with the description column / menu links / additional images first so that is my focal point (and is most unique) and takes the longest time. The rest is fairly simple and just falls into place.

So, it really depends on my mood. Sometimes, I get an idea really quickly, but other times, it takes me a long before I’m satisfied with my design idea.

What's the height and width for the kings and queens theme? (#34) — Anonymous

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. The height and width of what? The theme, in overall, should fit any window size.

I love your themes and want to use a new theme of yours. Is it possible to get infinite scrolling on your theme number 029? 'Cause I would really love to use that one but prefer infinite scrolling. — dragon-eunhye

ok, but theme 29 already has infinite scrolling? Or are you talking about theme 39?