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Themes are located on the website (click the link labeled "content", it will drop down to link to "tumblr themes").

PAGE THEME - 01 - Ensueño

Features include…

two columns
links in both columns
quote (+ link-back to homepage) on bottom

Notes - First page ever! It is meant to match the Ensueño tumblr theme. Icon credits to Kat at 99MB, all her icons are so beautiful. You are free to replace any colours, add backgrounds, images and page text content. Terms of use apply to these designs as well.

How To Use -

  • Create test sub-blog
  • Copy and paste codes into customization page for test sub-blog
  • Edit until satisfied
  • Add a page on blog
  • Select “Custom Layout”
  • Copy and paste final codes from test sub-blog, to the custom HTML box of the page

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