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Hello, i am looking to use the updated version of your theme #17, whaletalk. However, the updated version of the code is not available? The note on pastebin says "THIS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR 72 HOURS AS OF SEPT 1, 2012". Since it is already a long time since then, would you mind reuploading the code? Thank you! — Anonymous

OH CRAP I AM SO SORRY, I guess I missed that one, thanks for letting me know and I apologize again that it’s taken me so long to reupload. It’s working now (download here).

How come there is no theme #2? I see #1 & #3, but no #2. :/ — sparist

Well, it’s the best theme ever because it’s imaginary, and everybody knows that imaginary things are the best

Actually, it’s because I originally wanted to revamp it but it didn’t turn out well so I gave up on it and I didn’t want to re-number everything so there is no theme #2

flawless theme maker is flawless :3 (sorry, i just wanted to say that bc you're really nice to everyone. again, sorry :p) — Anonymous

awsh, thanks darling ;)

I'm a bit at a pinch and curious to find the answer out :) I'm using a 3 columned theme but I do want to change it to 2. When I've installed the theme, the only option I had was to just add a background and not to select the number of columns. The theme's name is Paramo. I'm asking this because I really do love this theme but my computer's screen is not big enough to fit the 3 columns D: — Anonymous

understandable :) ok, go to the following code:

#content {position:absolute;overflow-y:scroll;height:90%;top:5%;left:246px;font:10px/16px calibri, arial, helvetica;padding-right:1px;{block:indexpage}width:815px;{/block:indexpage}{block:permalinkpage}width:533px;{/block:permalinkpage}}

And change the bolded text to width:700px;

oh shit, sorry guys

I didn’t realize I had left my askbox open and that messages had been piling up, and to make things worse, I’ve received no notifications of them. I got some interesting questions and I’ll try to get to answering some of them. But anyways, sorry for being MIA, it’s been a disastrous academic year.

so, guess who’s back ;)

  • i will be releasing the current ettudis tumblr theme soon
  • hopefully i will also design something satisfactory for ettudis
  • and also design some other cool stuff so I can add it to my portfolio and re-open commissions
  • and of course, tumblr themes

Title: Denmark

Artist: Portland Cello Project

Plays: 809

26 days until freedom

So I haven’t died yet though my lack of activity here would make it seem so. I’ve been so caught up with school and my inspiration has taken a huge drop that I haven’t made anything at all and I apologize. My last final exam is on April 26 and you know what happens after exams… I’ll be bringing in some new themes and a possible revamp of the blog and website!

But before then, I probably won’t answer any questions or requests/commissions.

me: does this look better one pixel to the left or one pixel to the right
me: I can't decide between these two incredibly similar colors
me: should this be on overlay or soft light
me: 75% OR 74% OPACITY
hiiiiiii :] just wanted to ask what happened to the theme giveaway contest you put up a few months ago? — Anonymous

ohhh, I had forgotten it until you mentioned it! I ended it right before my exams so I got busy and it slipped my mind. Ok, I will go check it now and pick out the winners. Thanks for reminding me ;)